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DULUTH SERVICES   Welcome to our Duluth salon's services page!
Our Duluth location is a full service salon with hair, makeup, and skin care services.

    Select one of our service offerings below to find out more about each service and price rates.

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PRECISION HAIRCUT   We specialize in the difficult!
Not all haircuts are equal, and we are here for those that know and want the finer difference. 

Whether it's thick, dense, thin, fragile, straight, curly, or any other unique types of hair, we can help you better manage your hair with our cutting and styling services.   Schedule an appointment and come see and feel the difference at Emily J.

The Art of Precision Dry Cut for Women
Most women's haircuts are done when wet; however, dry cut for women provide a more precise haircut with a greater desire impact.  Because dry cut requires a greater technical skill and precision shears, most hair salons and hair stylists do not perform the dry cut.  We are one of few Atlanta's top hair salon with many Master Designer and Directors that are experts at dry cut for women.  Come and see how our classically trained master hairstylists have combined the best of Vidal Sassoon's English haircut techniques with the freestyle sculpting French haircut techniques to give you the best results with our signature Precision Dry Cut.

Hair types and conditions best suited for Dry Cut for Women.
> Thick or curly hair and want to remove bulk
> Straight or thin hair and want volume
> Damaged or dry hair and want a sharper cut for less damage and split ends
> Haircut that last longer between cuts
> Or, a haircut with greater precision / finer details

Click on this link to take a look an article on Huffington Post Style online magazine with more information on the benefit of Dry Cut for Women.

Schedule and experience the Precision Dry Cut for yourself. 
Note:  there may be a nominal fee for additional service time, hair density, and hair length.  Not all levels of hairstylists can perform the Precision Dry Cut for Women.

Haircut includes consulting, cut, massage shampoo, conditioner, basic styling, and our signature COMPLEMENTARY SERVICE.

      Designer* Master 1* Master 2* Director*   + Length / Density  
    Women $45+ $55+ $60+ $70+   +$5 to +$15  
    Men $35+ $40+ $45+ $50+   +$5 to +$15  
    Girls (up to 10) $35+ $40+ $45+ $50+      
    Boys (up to 10) $30+ $35+ $40+ $45+      
STYLING   Styling includes consulting, massage shampoo, conditioner, and style.

      Designer Master 1 Master 2 Director   Add On Discount**  
    Textured / Straight Styling $40+ $50+ $55+ $65+   -$20  
    Waves / Volume Styling $50+ $60+ $65+ $75+   -$20  
    Up Do / Event Styling $60+ $70+ $80+ $90+   -$20  
    ** Add On Discount is applied when combined with other select hair services
*OUR DESIGNER LEVELS   Jr Designer:  Our new talent level with 1 to 2 years of experience, but still learning and perfecting their skills. Completed Aveda Cosmetology, or similar advanced academy, and Emily J assistant program. Recommended for budget minded clients who want an upscale salon experience.

Designer:  Our seasoned designer level with 3 to 5 years of experience. Have already built a solid cosmetology foundation, and have begun mastering many of our services.

Master 1:  Our significantly experienced level with 5 to 10 years of experience. Have mastered the art of hair and can perform all Emily J services with a flare.

Master 2:  Our exceptional, senior level with more than 10 years of experience.  Equivalent to educator level or above for most salons.

Director:  Industry leading top level with more than 15 years of experience. Recommended for people who have always had a challenging experience at a salon.

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